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New dinosaur species found on Isle of Wight

It must be approaching the silly season or newspapers are fed up with printing BoJo stories. In any event yet another ‘unknown’ dinosaur species has allegedly been discovered in the Solent archipelago. A leading dinosaur expert was approached for comment:-

'To be honest I am getting a bit pissed off with what appears to be a non-stop stream of new discoveries in what to be honest is a piddly little island that people only visit when accidently getting on the wrong boat at Portsmouth.

'I’ve had my suspicions for some time as to whether these are in fact genuine. I wouldn’t be surprised if the natives are trying to duplicate the Piltdown Hoax in a desperate attempt to lure tourists. And I don’t rule out the involvement of the Isle of Wight’s answer to Banksy – Wrenfoey.

'You have to ask yourself the question why would dinosaurs have ever wanted to come to the Isle of Wight in the first place. Even today asylum seekers steer well clear.'


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