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No word for that thing where a gang springs their mate from a prison van

Following the escape of a dangerous criminal from a security convoy during a daring armed ambush, French police say they have no word for what that is.

Inspector Fromage said in a statement, 'We will do everything, and I mean everything to find out what you call this. It is obviously the main focus of our investigation.

'It's not really an escape or breakout, as that is more associated with being from a prison complex or secure building. Sprung? Did they spring him from the van? It's not quite right, is it? We will not sleep and we will not stop until we have located and apprehended this word.

'I mean, c'mon... all those American action movies where this sort of merde appens? And there isn't a cool slang word or short phrase for it? Am I really expected to sit through Die Hard 2 to figure out what you call this?'

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