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On brand behaviour: 'If only we had known' say people who knew

Production companies who employed an alleged triple threat (sex pest/rapist/near paedophile) have been practising their best 'shocked' faces after being presented with information they already knew about.

A TV spokesman laughed 'Yeah, women have known about him - and others - since the dawn of showbiz. But they were probably all hysterical or on their period. The point is, whoever grassed will never get on telly again. How's that for baroque?'

One stand up comedy fan said 'I've got a joke for you. What do the comics Russell Howard, Russell Kane, Jo Brand and Katy Brand all have in common? That's right, they haven't - allegedly - committed a string of sexual assaults over many years, against many women. They have necessitated zero investigations from the Sunday Times and Channel 4's Dispatches.'

'Oh, were you hoping for a knob gag? So were those women.'


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