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Outcry as Reform secretly praises immigrants

Secret recordings have come to light of Reform candidate Wayne Topping caught giving a speech at a private party in which he appears to make, what have been described as, generous and understanding comments about illegal immigrants arriving in the UK.

Mr Topping who is a prospective parliamentary candidate for Reform is heard saying “look all I’m saying is some of these people are escaping really terrible places and they work hard when they get here.’ He went on to say ‘I reckon everyone deserves a decent chance at life, and anyway some of them are supposed to be good at maths’

In the immediate aftermath Nigel Farage sought to distance himself from Mr Topping’s comments by saying 'Look our candidates are not the polished metropolitan politicians of the bigger parties, you can’t expect a lot of Downing Street spin from us' he went on 'but what I will say is that Reform absolutely distances itself from Mr Topping’s frankly disgusting comments. Those generous and understanding views about immigrants don’t reflect the views of our party. I know the real Mr Topping and he would agree with me when I say that all immigrants should be rounded up by the army and fired back to France in a large cannon that will be paid for from Brexit dividends.'

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Jun 27

"illegal immigrants" is Torygraph bs, they are legal refugees and asylum seekers.

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