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Post Office scandal: campaigners call for a 'Court for Justice' system

In the light of the scandal that saw Postmasters wrongly done for fraud, the traditional ways of handling disagreements are coming under criticism, 'It's almost like we need some sort of impartial tribunal or arbitration system' said a spokesperson for the campaign group Justice Now. The radical new idea is that the new body could hear all the evidence and decide which side had the stronger case. The idea is gaining support in parliament, but other MPs said it will never work. 'Wealthy opponents can always bring more resources to bear on the case.' said one MP. 'You just can't expect this new idea to actually work.' 'I mean, for one thing, there would need to be a figurehead in charge of these courts, a sort of senior judger or some such' said an opponent of the scheme. 'and this person is bound to be an establishment figure. Justice has always been hopeless idealism' But activists insist that everyone would benefit from having courts that defend the weak against false accusations.

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