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Prince William’s birthday marked by smiling toilet photo

An image of Prince William sitting on a toilet has been released to mark his forty first birthday on Sunday. Delighted readers of the Express and Mail were treated to close-up shots of the cheeky prince as he ‘sits on the throne’ at Kensington Palace. In a fresh departure from tradition, the photos were taken by a hidden camera rather than the Duchess of Cambridge.

The smiling prince is shown with his trousers around his ankles and a roll of quilted Fortnum & Mason toilet roll in his hand. Sales of the toilet roll have sky-rocketed since the picture was published.

Last year the royal birthday was marked by a photo of William sitting in a greenhouse, absently picking his nose while watching an episode of Pointless on his iPhone. Viewing figures for Pointless have sky-rocketed and garden centres report a shortage of greenhouses.

As Prince Andrew prepares to celebrate his 64th birthday, people are urged to buy spank-paddles and peanut butter in good time.

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John Bees
John Bees
Apr 24, 2023


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