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Qatari TV Broadcasters announce new schedule for the World Cup

In addition to a December schedule overladen with umpty-bump football matches that most of the population are not really sure of, Qatari broadcasters have taken the step of launching versions of well-loved franchises and popular, high ratings television shows to provide a blockbuster season of entertainment for fans and locals alike.

"Alongside the seemingly endless number of pre- and post-match analysis shows, we hope that the Qatari slant on some old favourites will be extremely well received" beamed a spokesman, happily.

Reality shows such as "Snog, Marry, Avoid, Stone", "Niqab Attraction" and "Straight Eye for the Straight Guy" are already in production, although a pilot version of "RuPaul's Drag-you-through-the-streets-you-shame-your-family race" did not make it past the censor.

A new series of TOWID - "The Only Way is Doha" - has been commissioned, following a group of bright young privileged 20-somethings as they live full and fruitful lives through the precepts of Islam.

Elsewhere "Emmerdallah", the popular soap based on an implausible Northern farming community, will feature a number of story lines based in and around the World Cup - including the lovable halfwits triumphing over ticket-touts and intoxicated fans to watch the key Wales versus Iran game.

Repeats of the ever popular "I'm a foreign construction worker, get me out of here !" are also scheduled, with desperate sub-continent contractors battling through a series of fiendish tasks to exit the country with passport, bank balance and limbs intact.

Comedy will be provided by the continuing exploits of those semi-legal trading rogues in "Only Infidels and Camels", with the hapless brothers perpetually on the cusp of judicial surgery.

Qatari equivalents of Graham Norton, Alan Carr and "him with the teeth" are unlikely to be involved in any of these shows, sources have confirmed.

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1 Comment

Bob Pringle
Bob Pringle
Nov 09, 2022

Who is "Him with the teeth"?

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