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Reviewing Ed Davey's schedule for the next few days

Friday, May 31

Visit to skate park. Make sure he's wearing a helmet and knee and elbow protectors.

Monday, June 3

Visit to climbing wall centre. Make sure he only goes on the kiddies' section

Tuesday, June 4

Visit to go-kart centre. Make sure he only goes on the child circuit. No racing with anyone. It may cause him to crash.

Wednesday, June 5

Bouncey Castle World. We should be OK with this one, but make him wear a helmet anyway.

Thursday, June 6

Waterslide. Have a frogman on standby. He is bound to fall in.

Friday, June 7

Tandem Skydiving. TANDEM SKYDIVING!!.  Are you sh*tting me. How did that get in there? Cancel immediately.

Image by manseok Kim from Pixabay

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