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Russia carefully checking naughty or nice list results

Russia, which celebrates Christmas in January on the 7th, which is the 25th of December on the Gregorian calendar, has been watching the results of the naughty or nice lists this year.  Last year it didn't bother, but this year it thought it was in with a chance. The results coming in from Israel didn't look promising, to be fair, but that was to be expected despite the date celebrating the second-most successful Jewish artist after Dana International in the Eurovision Song Contest, given their Russian inspired approach to World Peace. However the absence of Alexie Nalvany appears to be a problem, along with sending thousands of Russian conscripts to be mown down in combat hasn't helped.

Apparently President Putin has ordered the Russian Air Force to down any sleighs encroaching in Russian Airspace so Santa might be advised to take a night off.

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