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Serial rapist “definitely no threat to women”, say experts

Kevin McTaggart, convicted today in Glasgow’s Crown Court of the rape of 17 women over a period of several years, is “definitely not a threat to women”, experts have pronounced.

They went on to say there was no problem at all with sending her to a women’s prison, in line with her recent change of gender identification.

McTaggart, who wishes now to be known as Cassandra, said that she’d made this last-minute decision “in order to be true to what I feel inside”, and definitely not because she looked forward to having hundreds of vulnerable women unable to get away from her.

The decision was welcomed by trans campaigners, who said they regret the fact that some unenlightened people still insist on scaremongering.

”For God’s sake, we just want to live our lives - we’re no threat to women whatsoever. I would have thought all the death and rape threats I sent those feminist bitches had made that clear.”


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