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Starmer ‘listening’ tour, third on the bill after Showaddywaddy

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Sir Keir has decided to tour the UK, in order to hear how people from lots of different regions ‘don’t like him very much’. Listening to the concerns of voters, will enable him to understand that regardless of demographic or political leanings, everyone thinks he is a bit of a numpty.

The tour itself is a little bit underwhelming, with Sir Keir only allowed a five-minute set ahead the main acts – a Timmy Mallett lookalike and a variety entertainer who swallows spoons. Starmer’s own 90s revival - The Blair Witch Tribute Band – only has one song, which no wants to hear.

Each performance culminates in a theatrical focus group, complete with pyrotechnics and questions such as - ‘if the Labour Party was a jelly, what flavour would it be?’. Unsurprisingly questions like ‘why am I so sh$t?’ do not illicit the sympathetic response that Sir Keir was hoping for but tend to lead to the focus group just shrugging and saying, ‘you tell me’.

The most embarrassing moment of the tour came when Keith (sic) held a focus group for members of his own family, who subsequently claimed never to have heard of him. His agent explained: ‘This tour is about Keith reconnecting with his fans, but that presupposes there was a connection in the first place’.

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