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‘Tears of hungry children will help fill my swimming pool’ Chancellor promises parents

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has assured worried parents of hungry children that their bedtime tears will not be shed in vain. A Treasury spokesman explained: ‘When children go to bed hungry it inevitably ends in tears, what child wouldn’t cry if it hadn’t eaten a proper meal for over 24 hours. But what better way could there be than to put those hunger tears to good use, then topping up the Chancellor's pool?

'And with the proposed £20 cut in benefits we will undoubtedly see even more tears in future. We've also asset stripped the companies their parents used to work for, so it’s a huge saving for the tax-payer, and Mr. Sunak's water bill.

'So, if parents will simply gather their children’s tears in a bottle and send to RISHI'S POOL, Kirby Sigston Manor, Northallerton, second class post will be adequate. First class post would be 85p and that’s probably all you have to spend each day on food for the kiddies, we might be many things but we're not monsters.

'I know lots of parents will be shedding tears too, but please, can you keep it to just your children's tears, apparently the fatty oils contained in a child's teardrop are good for your skin'.


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