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Tories sack cleaners - ministers forced to launder own money

Despite having a leader whose lifestyle is unaffected by his wife losing £49m, it appears that the Conservative Party is now so skint, it has sacked all the cleaners at party HQ.

Ministers are now taking turns with hoovering and washing up, although no-one has yet dared ask Dominic Raab to empty the dishwasher. Our source said that "Party donors have been drying up", although it isn't clear whether there is a rota for this.

While some ministers haven't scrubbed anything since boarding school, Lee "30p" Anderson is said to be in his element, and has been eagerly sharing his top tips on how to cheaply remove stains from your conscience, and how to get your whites white again.

Meanwhile it is hoped that with the Tories' leading lights busy cleaning the toilets, the country might enjoy a spell of good government for once and be spared from going down the pan.

Hat tip to modelmaker

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