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Tories to form breakaway Super League of Lobbying

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Conservative MPs have criticised the House of Commons’ Standards Committee for failing to show a sufficiently convivial fraternal spirit, as the Parliamentary Premier League of Lobbying is rocked with rumours of a breakaway.

Right-wing commentator Clementine Carruthers said ‘Honest Conservatives have got no alternative but to reform the system so they can never be found guilty or face any consequences. They almost called it a European Super League of Lobbying, but Mark Francois’ face turned a shade of magenta I’ve never seen before. You can’t trust an MP not taking a kickback. What’s their agenda? They should have to sign a register and have the good grace to be embarrassed. For Tories, being an MP should more of a side hustle. The real green is in the brown envelopes.’


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