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Tories will end the Sex Tax

Conservatives are determined to stop Labour implementing the Sex Tax, charging hard-working families £500 just for ordinary nookie. Extra for oral.

Some observers have noted that Labour have never mentioned a sex tax but Conservative ministers have pointed out that “they would say that, wouldn’t they?” which is surprisingly difficult to counter.

‘We believe in personal choice but Labour want you to eat broccoli and whack yourself off to the sound of D-Ream’, a spokesman said. ‘They want to tax meat until only the rich can afford it whereas we want to import diseased meat which everyone can afford’.

Other vote-winning policies include frisking schoolchildren for their mobile phones to stop them calling the emergency services when the building collapses. ‘Being crushed by tons of concrete is character-building, never did me any harm’ said one minister, before quietly enquiring whether there would be ‘openings’ for freelance friskers.

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