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You are stale old Tories, the young voter said

‘You are stale old Tories,’ the young voter said,

‘And your policies are all very thin;

And yet you incessantly big them all up—

Because there are voters to win.’

‘In my youth,’ said the Tory, remembering hard,

‘We feared that the workers would riot

But with pub prices low now and lots on TV

I am sure they will stay pretty quiet.’

‘You won’t save the planet,’ the young voter said,

‘Your policies simply aren’t green

You keep burning coal and you licence new mines

And your search for new oil is obscene.’

‘We love using power,’ the old Tory said,

‘On cooking and heating and telly.

And so we can’t ask the voters to give it all up

They’ll simply say not on your nelly.’

‘I can’t see my GP,’ the young voter said.

‘And A&E waits are just horrid.

So poo to your policies, no good at all,

Your election results will be torrid.’

With considerable apologies to Lewis Carroll

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