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Sacha Baron Cohen tipped for Emmys for tragi-comedy character ‘Russell Brand’

Comedy genius Sacha Baron Cohen has created arguably his most brilliant satirical character yet – the commie-tragic buffoon Russell Brand.

The comic creation – criticised by some who claimed Cohen was mocking people with narcissistic personality disorder – won millions of followers with his heart warming portrayal of a man suffering from delusions of grandeur.

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Simon Bates and Bruno Brookes to host ‘Facebook Gold’ feed

facebook goldFormer Radio One DJs Simon Bates and Bruno Brookes are the latest addition to the growing roster of bank clerk Colin Taylor’s ‘Facebook Gold’ feed, joining Tony Blackburn and ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton.

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Mr C banned from Billingsgate market for excessive ‘salmon’ requests

e's, obviouslyMr C, enigmatic frontman of early ’90s rave outfit The Shaman, has been handed a lifetime ban from Billingsgate fish market, lawyers representing the vendors’ association said today. The association lodged a formal complaint against the artist, real name Colin Angus, accusing him of habitually enquiring as to whether or not vendors stocked a certain product. He would then say ‘sorted’ and walk off without buying anything.

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Derbyshire destroyed as romantic hero smoulders that little bit too much

'George Clooney, and now this!' bemoan spinstersAccording to unofficial reports, most of Derbyshire was destroyed by fire yesterday following an incident in the grounds of Pemberley House, near Lambton.

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‘The only way is Essex’ confirms Farage

This could be their finest hour‘The people have spoken, and we have heard their voices loud and clear,’ said Nigel Farage on the phone after the stunning UKIP victory by Douglas Carswell in the by-election in Clacton on Sea, Essex, before saying; ‘Yeah, see you later, babe’, hanging up his mobile, downing a couple more pints for courage and planning his next trip to try it on with another easily obtainable bimbo, anywhere else.

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