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Braverman: 'What even are "refugees" and "human rights" anyway?'

Suella Braverman is briefly pivoting away from abusing refugees and curtailing human rights in order to give a speech about abusing refugees and curtailing human rights. A leaked draft made extensive use of air quotes, screeching 'You say "basic human rights", I say "potato". You say "refugee fleeing persecution for being gay", I say "tomato". The point is let’s call the whole thing off.' 'You want human rights? You can't handle human rights. If you can’t arbitrarily beat up and imprison your political opponents, what’s the point? If you want a fair trial, it means you're guilty!' Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst added 'Leaving the ECHR would put the UK alongside Belarus and Russia - countries Suella clearly wishes to emulate. It contains the two things Tories fear most: human rights and Europe.'

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