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Brits can ignore Election coverage thanks to Euros, Wimbledon

A General Election on 4th July means that the Euros (from 14th June) and Wimbledon (joining in from 1st July) will save millions from eye-gougingly tedious General Election build up coverage.

UK sports fans have been pouring beer and/or Pimms over themselves in celebration at missing out on clips of Sunak and Starmer pretending to listen to questions from idiots or failing to perform basic physical labour whilst wearing a hi-vis jacket and hard hat.

Sport scientist Karolina Krychowiak said 'The only thing you have to be careful of is Euros games involving England and Scotland because you may have to endure carefully orchestrated photos of the leaders sitting awkwardly surrounded by cheering sycophants, pretending that they're watching "the footballs", with "some pints" and "their mates" because "they're just like you". ' 

'What a load of balls.'

Picture credit: Wix

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