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Charles pleased to meet Rishi but insists he ordered Chicken Dhansak not Biryani

World famous royalist, His Majesty King Charles Carbuncle the Third, has made the first major gaffe of his reign.

A palace spokesperson said it was way more embarrassing than the exploding pen incident: ‘His majesty and her royal shakiness decided to order in an organic, free-range Ruby Murray for breakfast. It was just bad timing that Mr Sunak arrived soon afterwards, offering to light some candles to celebrate Diwali and share some of his wife’s home-cooked food. She’d had it flown in from Delhi on her private jet.

Unfortunately, His most gracious majesty put two and two together and assumed Mr Sunak was a waiter.

Still, the King managed to look on the bright side. After all, it’s not every day the response to his terminally dull question, ‘and what do you do?’ comes back with the answer, ‘I’m the prime minister.’

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