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Conservative Party to be included in list of extremist organisations

Michael Gove’s list of groups that he says fall foul of his definition of extremism is to include the Conservative Party.

In a surprise move, the communities secretary will say the Tories are one of the organisations that pose a threat to democracy.

“Over recent months, this country has been a rise in extremist activity – and the Conservatives are at the forefront of it,” Gove will tell the Commons, according to his leaked speech.

“The party has restricted the right to protest, limited the right to vote, restricted citizenship and – most extreme of all – made up some bollocks about the shape of bananas.

“And then there was that twat who put Michelle Mone in the VIP lane for a PPE contract. Oh shit, that was me. Sorry.”

Gove will tell government bodies that they must not under any circumstances fund or even engage with the “extremist” Conservative Party.

“It’s a case of mob rule among the Tories these days,” he will say.

“Just look at them – they’re like a bunch of primary school kids on acid.

“They used to be moderate but they’ve become so extreme, Genghis Khan is thinking of standing for them at the next election.”


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