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Downing Street tells Ministers to use 'Baldrick Defence' in new media guidelines

It's understood government ministers have been given new guidelines for facing the media when the going gets tough.

A Whitehall insider told press: 'It's being called the Baldrick Defence, or Deny Everything, and is quite simple really. Should ministers, or in the unlikely event the PM himself, actually find themselves in a tight spot because of the clear weight of the facts facing them, they pretend to listen attentively, look straight down the camera lens and deny everything.

'The average voter is now so thick, or misled by the endless campaign of Tory misinformation, they'll simply suck it up, leaving us to get on with making a total shambles of running the country, with I might add, absolutely no consequences whatsoever.'

When Downing Street was approached no one was available to comment, however a two-word statement has been issued online which says: Not true.

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