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Government shows how unlike Nazis they are by swiftly and ruthlessly silencing dissent

The non-Nazi credentials of the Conservative Government were unmistakeable when they forced someone off air for not blindly towing the Government line.

“This quelling of free-speech is so unlike anything Nazis would do that I’m insulted you’d make that comparison” said Suella Braverman, Minister for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment.

Some people have said that any TV presenter who implied the Government was in any way like Nazis was not impartial and that they should be replaced with an unquestioning Government mouthpiece. These were exactly the same people who loudly boast that they’d have bravely spoken up in the face of Nazi censorship.

Preparations are currently in full-swing at Whitehall for Not Act Like A Nazi Day, on April 30th - Hitler’s Birthday. The celebration has been introduced by the Government to prove they’re not like Nazis by brutally persecuting anyone who says they are, then saying “see”.

Asked if the Tory Government was efficiently evil like the Nazis, a leading Historian of 20th century Germany said “not really…the Nazis were efficient.”

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