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Islington becomes first London Borough to be powered entirely by social media smugness

The London Borough of Islington has announced plans to generate its entire power requirements entirely through its inhabitants' use of social media and the self satisfaction that the use of it, and more importantly telling other people about your use of it, produces.

Residents will be fitted with special beanie hats, developed in partnership with Apple, which absorb the wearers sense of self satisfaction at all the tweeting and Facebook posting they have been doing, saving the power in a small organic battery which is USB compatible.

However there have been voices of dissent from many local sceptics such as retired teacher Harry Volks who has been writing to the local council for weeks now claiming that social media 'can’t actually power a fucking thing'. 'It’s just insane' complained Volks, 'you may as well try and power a local hospital through the power of prayer.'

The council has however reminded citizens that any letters they received are not read, and that any concerns should be address via postings of disappointed looking cats on the councils MySpace board.

Written by thisisalloneword

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