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Nadine by-election to produce two MPs to cover her workload

A sobbing Prime Minister has announced that the Mid Bedfordshire by election will produce two seats ‘so that Nadine’s exceptional work can continue’.

‘Stop all the clocks’, he told reporters. ‘Cut off the telephone. Basically, that poem from Four Weddings and a Funeral. We’ve looked at Nadine’s extraordinary output in recent years and there’s no way that one MP could cover it’.

Nadine Dorries’ nickname was“110%“, a reference to her tireless parliamentary work, her relentless pursuit of constituency matters, her laser-focus on the detail of every brief she was given and her legendary sobriety.

Dorries was loved – worshipped, even – by parliamentarians from all sides. ‘She was one of us’, a Labour spokesman said. ‘Working class through and through’. ‘Gawd bless ‘er’ said a random Cockney we found in a pub. ‘I’ll never forget her gagging on kangaroo penis when she should have been in Westminster. What a gal’.

Tributes continue to pour in for the sober, intelligent, hard-working MP who took 11 weeks to clear her desk, so determined was she to leave behind a strong legacy and to benefit from changes to departure payments. We may never see her like again. Nadine, Queen of the Commons, we salute you.

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