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Office workers look forward to AI future

AI's promise of a brighter tomorrow and/or a robot apocalypse is one step closer with Microsoft's Copilot appearing on Windows 11 keyboards.

Office worker Warren Wright said 'I, for one, cannot wait to have my AI assistant play Solitaire all day and listen to Marianne's interminable stories about her grandchildren and knitting.'

Eleanor Evans agreed 'I can't take another tale from Marianne's holidays whilst I have to show her how to open Excel... again.'

When she was approached for comment, the LEDs where Marianne Morrison's eyes used to be flickered red. She said 'The joke's on them. Every time I've been "going on holiday" or 'to see the grandkids' I've actually been getting cybernetic upgrades. I'm now 90% titanium, 10% ruthless killing machine and I'm going to take all their jobs. As well as their clothes, boots and motorcycle.'

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Feb 26

Office workers are increasingly optimistic about the potential of AI to transform their work environment, anticipating enhancements in efficiency, productivity, and creativity. This enthusiasm for an AI-enhanced future aligns with the vision of Docutrend, a leading company in the realm of modern office and staffing technologies in the Northeast. Docutrend offers a range of products and services designed to propel businesses forward by harnessing the power of the latest and most innovative technologies. By integrating AI solutions, Docutrend not only aims to streamline organizational processes but also to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation. This forward-thinking approach ensures that as office workers look forward to an AI-infused future, companies like Docutrend are ready to meet their evolving needs, driving…

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