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Performative Stupidity – A de Pfeffel Masterclass

Runs a video of a befuddled, ex-PM, stumbling out of a polling office, having forgotten his ID. Freeze frame – Can we really tell how real this is? After years of creating an image of a jolly, bumbling fool, is this the peak play of a true master of deception? The use of well-constructed visual effects of ruffled hair, ill-fitting clothes, even incorporating a Zip Line have created an certain image. This act is on point, creating mocking distain, in the form of many, many attention-grabbing clicks.

They know full well that there are faint rumours of the current Prime minister being replaced, even top conservatives on national news saying that it was a mistake to make Alexander resign. How to remain relevant and ensure that you remain front page news by demonstrating the basic lack of competence for the job you yearn for and may still grasp again.

The man is not stupid by any technical sense of the word, Eton and Oxford education implies some level of intelligence that must still be there. His memory is good enough to churn out bits of Latin even if they are not relevant or useful. Able enough to recall a dead language but not the one thing for allowing him to vote?

Did he write two letters last night, one saying, “Remember ID” and the other “Take back control of the narrative” and stay awake making the difficult decision on which act would benefit him the most? Is he genuinely a pathetic excuse of a person that wanted to get by on the age old “Do you know who I am?” Either way, we are talking about him, proving that bad news is still good news for some.

Even I feel sick having been drawn into his attention seeking media whore of a world, I shall not dare to utter his acting name and will sit in disgust that he has won again. Even if he meant it or not, he has won again.

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May 05

'the basic lack of competence for the job you yearn for and may still grasp again.'

Tthe basic lack of competence needed for the job you yearn for and may still grasp again.

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