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Sunak trying to find worst time to have an election

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The prime-minister, Rishi Sunak, is believed to be working with senior party officials to try and find the "sweet spot" date which will ensure a massive loss.

Ministers have privately confirmed the story and explained that it was "force of habit".

One ex-minister, who wished to remain anonymous but ticked the wrong box and is actually Chris Grayling, explained; "He's on a bit of a roll; as everything he's done has turned out to be a disaster, he's assuming that's what he does now. He's created an inner cabinet of very unlucky people; Ron Jenkins, who's house burnt down in the same week as his wife left him and then she won the lottery. Russell Brand's agent, Nigel Farage's bank manager, the head of the Ukrainian tourism board and the guy behind Betamax. "

One possible date is the 30th February.

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