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Toilet on the Titanic was 'unstinkable'

New evidence has come to light that the Brown Smear Line, responsible for the installation of a luxuriant toilet on the Titanic, claimed it was 'completely unstinkable'. The historical document details how the chief designer and engineer of the Majestic Thunderbox situated between the bridge and the radio room, gave assurances and guarantees that it was absolutely impossible for undesired odours to emanate from the effluents collection and disposal device. However, reports from that fateful evening on the 14th April 1912, say that on its maiden voyage, a giant turdberg was encountered in an unthinkable 'full steam ahead' scenario. Even though only 10% of the turdberg was visible above the surface, the outcome was catastrophic. The stench wafted onto the bridge, causing the captain to gag and steer straight into an even bigger floater. It took more than two hours for the whole thing to go down, and it was over 73 years before the term 'resting on the bottom' was discovered.

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