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Tories to create new role: Spokesman Without Portfolio

The Tory Party is reported to be on the point of creating a new executive role within government under the title: Spokesman Without Portfolio. It's understood the job will entail commenting on performance on behalf of every department. What's more it will not be necessary to be a sitting MP to hold the title.

A No.10 source told us. 'It's getting to the point where ministers are in open revolt. They're almost having to be bribed to do the media round every day. The burden of reporters and presenters laughing at them, when they have to tell risible and blatant lies in attempting to toe the party line in face of true facts, is absolutely dreadful.'

Rumours are rife all around Westminster as to who will land the job, but one Tory backbencher wishing to remain anonymous said: 'Well, it's a no-brainer. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. What? There's one person for whom this position is to the manor born. Boris Johnson is the the party's and indeed the nation's liar par excellence. To appoint anyone else would simply be unthinkable.'

And in what's being seen as a sign the further strengthening of that view, NewsBiscuit understands online bookmaker, Paddy Power, is refusing to accept bets on the matter.

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