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Waiting list to see people looking at queue closed

The queue to pay respects to the Queen became such a spectacle that it attracted people from all over the country. Ron Jenkins has travelled from Clacton and is typical of the visitors;

"We'll never see a queue like this again in our lifetime, so I felt I had to come and see it. Yes, I had to wait 5 hours to catch a glimpse of the queue down the Mall and across Westminster Bridge, but it was worth the wait."

The queue to see the queue is believed to be the second longest queue in recent history. Jeff Hamilton travelled from New Zealand to see it.

"To be honest, the wait to see the queue was really long, especially after 25 hours on a plane, but then I realised that the queue to see the queue was attracting fewer people, so I could see that queue in a couple of hours. Ooh look; there are people waiting to see me queuing."

While the original queue has now closed, the queue to see the queue to see the queue remains open, and it is thought that a UK-wide chain reaction effect will see the final queue in the sequence forming in John O'Groats in 2038.

Hat-tip Sir Lupus

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