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Would I Lie To You planning an election special

A spokesman for the popular panel game where celebrities tell tall stories and the opposing side has to guess whether the story is true or a lie said, 'we are planning on running an election special, whenever that is in May'.  The show doesn't normally feature politicians because, 'they all bloody lie, anyway,' but with politics becoming increasingly polarised the producers have conceded it is almost impossible for the man in the street to discern when the truth is being told or otherwise.  Obviously Lee Anderson, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson won't be invited, however the BBC is considering a representative of the Post Office senior management to be included.

'It'll be hilarious, with claims about Brexit benefits, all lies, obviously, and spending plans, ditto being tossed around.  We might even ask Rishi Sunak to tell a tale about how long he intends to stay in the country after the last result is in,' added the producer.  The episode, which would normally run for thirty minutes, is expected to run for three, including the front and end credits.  'We've got a gianormous "Lie" sign mocked up in the colours of the politician making the statement,' said the producer, adding, 'we're not going to bother with the cost of a 'True' sign.'

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