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10 Reasons to vote Conservative – Number 4 will shock you!

1) Diversity in Prime Ministers, don’t just vote for Another-White-Man, we have incompetent leaders of different genders and races

2) Experience in Prime Ministers, we have had five different Prime Ministers within the last 8 years and Labour haven’t had one since 2010, that’s the “I Got a Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas time period

3) Responsibility – the decent British mentality of if you broke it, you fix it. We wouldn’t want to leave all the problems we caused for someone else to clean up.

4) If you don’t, we will kill a puppy every hour, on the hour

5) You fear change. Change is bad and scary, stick with what you know, unless what you know is a union of European countries.

6) Blue Passports – You’re welcome

7) Trade deal with Peru – can’t you feel the sovereignty?

8) Availability of Food Banks – so many new ones are opening all the time

9) An aim to reduce some of the faecal matter in some of the waterways – achievable goals!

10) New Hospitals! New School Roofs! Dental care! We want them too and have already got private versions. None for you. Soz.

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