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April fooling period extended to November, government confirms

The usual cut off point of midday for any April Fools gags to be actioned has been extended, more than likely to November this year, the government announced this morning.

'We're pleased to announce another six months of ridiculous policy making, comedy leadership and general all-round incompetence', stated chief idiot, Rishi Sunak, outside Number 10 Downing Street, wearing a pair of oversized clown shoes in place of his usual brown brogues.

'We may end the period of tomfoolery a bit earlier, depending on what the polls look like and whether we actuallly have any sitting MPs left by that point', continued the PM, as he stepped into a miniature clown car and gave a little comedy parp of its horn.

'Expect plenty of gags from us' said Sunak, preparing a massive custard pie with the Tory logo on the front. 'Shafting the economy, taking donations from racists, creating a hostile environment for migrants, that sort of thing. Top japes'.

Alongside the policy, Sunak announced that Jacob Rees-Mogg was to be Minister of Jokes with a loose remit to be a total bellend.

'To be honest, anyone currently in a Cabinet position could have stepped up the plate on this one' admitted Sunak. 'But Jacob is the fools' fool, and I'm sure will do a great job'.


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