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Distressed Howler monkey accuses Ed Sheeran of plagiarism

Lawyers representing a constipated Howler monkey have accused Ed Sheeran of ‘sampling’ some of his greatest works. Mr Sheeran’s lawyers insist screeching and yelping are the hallmark of most popular music. They also point out that the lyric ‘Ooh girl, we had a love so strong’ appears in 97% of all songs ever written.

Speaking to reporters Mr Sheeran said: ‘It was just an innocent mash-up. I need no sympathy. I’m easy come, easy go. Little high, little low. Will they let me go?’

In opening remarks, Mr Sheeran’s lawyer said ‘He’s just a man whose intentions are good. M’lord, please don’t let him be misunderstood.’

The Howler monkey is in talks to host GB News.


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