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Government to legislate against raised eyebrows

With the right to hold a peaceful protest legislated against successfully, and with personal freedoms trampled on with impunity, the government has proposed its most far-reaching raft of laws to limit public discourse. 

'We are going to make raising a single eyebrow in a show of scepticism illegal,' said a government spokesman today.  'For too long the public have been raising a single eyebrow which deputises for "oh, really?", and undermines the purpose of the government which is to - er - govern and leverage as much money out of the system as possible,' he added.

Maverick members of the public are determined to get around the ban by learning how to wiggle their ears and raise their top lip Elvis-style. 

'Or, we could just vote the w@ankers out of public life,' suggested approximately forty million registered voters.  


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