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Heart-rending Gaza hospital footage actually filmed in Basingstoke

The BBC was left with egg on its face today as it emerged that, due to a mislabelling error, footage purportedly showing the chaos in a recently bombed hospital in Gaza was actually filmed in Basingstoke Hospital’s A&E department last winter.

“It looked just like a war zone,” protested the embarrassed reporter. “It was so overcrowded, people were lying on the ground waiting for a space on a trolley to open up. And everyone was covered in dust as if a bomb had gone off, though that turned out to be from RAAC concrete being removed in the next room.

”Though I suppose the number of people walking around with clipboards without interacting with patients or doing anything useful should have been a clue it was the NHS.”

Israel immediately issued a statement saying it had not bombed the Hampshire hospital, though it wasn’t ruling out anything that might pressure the BBC to make its coverage more favourable.

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