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Obscure actor's obituary dominating coverage as no other news at Christmas

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

An actor, who most people had forgotten about, and who nearly everyone presumed had died several years ago, has now actually died. Because of the lack of normal news at Christmas, his obituary is getting a volume of coverage usually reserved for much more famous or noteworthy people.

Warren Wright was a moderately regarded stage actor, who sold out gradually over his career. After some small TV and radio roles, his breakthrough should have been as the lead in a bawdy 1970s sitcom. However the show was swiftly cancelled due to the sheer ferocity of its racism and Wright's TV career was effectively ended. The racism was such that BBC News obituary could only show Wright in stills rather than any video clips. Toby Young quickly remembered to list it amongst his favourite hidden gems because you can't say anything any more.

Wright's agent Vivienne van Voort said 'This is amazing, his face is everywhere, he'll just die when I tell him - oh right, yeah.'

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