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Rainbow reboot to feature senior Tories

ITV have announced that following the wave of nostalgia that the nation has been riding during the jubilee celebrations that they are to bring back the much loved Rainbow.

“The reboot of Rainbow will merge children’s programming of yesteryear with todays scripted reality programmes such as TOWIE and Made in Chelsea” said a senior figure within ITV.

Senior Tory grandees and ministers have been considered to be used in the programme. Meet some of the contenders.

Geoffrey - the educator of Bungle - Jacob Rees-Mogg

Zippy - a tangerine oval-headed puppet with a zip for a mouth - Boris Johnson

George - a shy pink hippo - George Eustace

Bungle - An out of his depth, inquisitive simpleton - Grant Shapps

Rod - Rishi Sunak

Jane - Nadine Dorries / Michael Fabricant role share

Freddy - Grant Shapps

Aunty - Priti Patel / Liz Truss in a role share

Each episode will feature a song by pastel dungaree wearing Rod, Jane and Freddy explaining the intricacies of economics, foreign policy or domestic policy issues of a day, that simply explains the issues in way that even they can understand.

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