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Royal Mint announces new Tory leadership commemorative coin

Being rather conservative by not just pressing for any old sake, say for the Women’s European Championship or just to keep their jobs, the Royal Mint has announced it is going to produce a real collectors item. A double sided coin to commemorate the Conservative Leadership elections will be available in the next few days.

'With the Conversative leadership election coming up in September, we know there is a demand for something that will help the Tory faithful make a decision between 2 equally poor candidates', said a spokesperson for the Royal Mint.

'We're limiting the issue to 678708 pieces...actually it will be 2 less than this as we don't think Rishi or Liz will need one themselves' continued the spokesperson. 'The coin will be made out recycled iron coated in lead, to increase its value (make it shiny). Our press will remain on standby should a number of coins wearout before the the 5th of September. Oh, and to be really unique each side will be a “tail”.

'Like all our coins, they symbolise and represent the event they are commemorating', concluded the spokesperson. 'The Tory leadership coins will therefore remain reusable, despite having no long-term intrinsic value or benefit to the majority of the population'.

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