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Time Team revival scheduled for Xmas 2030 TV listing

Renowned tv archaeology series Time Team is to be revived for one episode in a move designed to lift the battered spirits of the nation. The ever popular channel 4 series featured a group of archaeologists headed by comedy front man Tony Robinson using their skills to investigate a site of suspected interest. This particular episode will see the talented team taking their spades to the building site for a new drive-thru McDonalds in Downing Street in the city of Westminster.

Interest in the site first arose when a construction worker found a spectacle case embossed with the initials DC (Specsavers Barnard Castle ) in the rhododendrons in the back garden of what would have been number 10.

Archaeologist Phil Harding takes up takes up the story. “There have been all sorts of rumours about this being the seat of the UK government and bodies buried under the patio for a long time so we thought this would be a good opportunity to entertain the nation and put those silly stories to bed at the same time. I can’t say I’m terribly optimistic that we’ll find much and we have to prepare ourselves for disappointment.. You get a feeling about some places and. from what I’ve seen and heard so far I can’t believe there is going to enough evidence that this was ever an important admin centre - certainly not enough to warrant three days of digging “

To fill out the programme there will be add on features relating to the period when the site was thought to be active. These will include a laboratory sequence when an attempt will be made to carbon date three legendary characters, Jacob Rees Mogg, Nigel Farage. and Boris Johnson. Small slivers which are said to come from the heads of these individuals will be subjected to exhaustive tests.

Tony Robinson thought that viewers would be fascinated to hear the truth about these stalwarts long assumed to represent the best of the British nation. “Stories about individuals like these always arise in times of crisis” Tony said. “ King Arthur in the Dark Ages, Robin Hood in the Middle Ages and Benny Hill in the 1980’s but the findings always tend to be inconclusive. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that neither Jacob, Nigel or Boris ever existed.”

Series producer Jolyon Bubbleworth was ecstatic when he spoke to NB about the programme failing to prove any of the speculation, “That failure will fit in nicely with the current national mood while at the same time helping the Brits feel better about themselves by disproving that such an unprepossessing building and such absurd people could ever have had an important role in the public life of the country” He added "Patriots will be able to hold their heads up high as they queue for their burgers.”


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