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Tories' cunning plan

The Tories, who are absolutely definitely not in the slightest spooked by the thought of being totally exterminated in the forthcoming General Election, are planning to appoint Paula Vennells as an emergency substitute chief of the Electoral Commission, just to make sure that everything proceeds as they think it should, and to eliminate any possible risk of anyone trying to fiddle the results or come up with a result they don't want the wrong result.

There was slight confusion as Paula Vennells denied knowing anything about this. 

'She has no idea what the electoral commission is or what it does' said a spokesperson as Vennells settled down behind her new desk in the office of the head of the Electoral Commission and placed an order for a new computer system from Fujitsu. 

'She doesn’t remember coming here this morning or what she is supposed to be doing. But she does want to know when she will get her £4.5M pay?'

To clear up the confusion, Fujitsu were contacted, and a spokesperson explained: 'Yes, our job is to ensure we get the right result.  Nothing can possibly go wrong. See?  Look - we control the results remotely from here.  If any returning officers accidentally announce the wrong result, we will inform the electoral commission who, we will insist, will bundle them off to jail,  And also raise a bit more cash on the side by declaring that every candidate except the highest bidder has lost their deposit.'

'And as for postal votes?  Er, just don't go there.  Not if you know what's good for you.'

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Bradley Earnest
Bradley Earnest
Jul 09

Declaring doodle jump that all candidates, with the exception of the highest bidder, have forfeited their deposits is another way to generate some more funds.

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