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Woman posting about being too busy not too busy to post about how busy she is

Modern day hero Laura Smith, dubbed 'Britain's busiest woman', has posted a series of social media updates explaining in detail how incredibly busy she is. Her latest post read 'OMG sorry if I'm slow replying to msgs I'm CRAZY busy - send help & wine LOL!!' before going on to explain she has to attend a lunch with a friend, a hot yoga class, book her BMW in for an MOT and get her eyebrows waxed. She finished up the post with #sleepisfortheweak #cantstopwontstop.

Many have called her a 'martyr' and a 'role model'. Her oldest friend Cara explains: 'She's always been like this. Never too busy to stop and tell us how busy she is. Even at primary school I remember her making this speech about how busy she was with PE, English and Maths that day. Of course, we all were, but coming from Laura it was inspirational. We gave her a round of applause.'

Laura is planning to start a blog detailing how busy she is in even greater depth, with updates to include how many unread emails she has and how many items are on her to-do list.

Laura's partner Paul is in awe of her resilience and strength: 'She's amazing, every day when I get back from a twelve hour shift at the hospital, she finds the time to talk to me about how busy she is. I try to stay awake for those three or four hours but often succumb to sleep which I feel terrible about. Occasionally I do try and tell her how busy I've been at work, with the dangerous staff shortages and overwhelming number of critically ill patients, but she's understandably too busy.

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