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Hancock leaks photo to keep job

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Ill-Health Secretary Matt Hancock has sneakily leaked a photo of himself snogging a girl. Eugh. An actual girl. "I didn't really want to, but the big boys told me to do it. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I hope Boris sees it because then he might let me stay and play."

Prime Minister Boris Johnsonthing responded, "I said that Mr. Hopelessfucker was in want of damn good sacking, not a damn good shagging. Why do people always mishear and misunderstand what I say? Now, my perfect Sunday is when I pop round to Gyles Brandreth's house and he shows me his collection of teddies. Hoy, did I say perfect Sunday? No that would be a terrible nightmare of a Sunday. We all have our cross toy bear. No, but I would though. And he has a marvellous collection of swine corpses as well. Obviously, I didn't say swine corpses, I said decapitated voters. Think I might shag Hancock later. Or maybe I'll sack him? One or the other. Or maybe neither. What pandemic? Now where's my toy bus that I made?"

Stepping in to clarify, Secretary for Something or Other Liz Truss confirmed, "No Conservative Party rules have been broken. Fuck an aide, and you're a player. Fuck an entire country and they give you a Lordship. That's the way we roll. That's the way we've always rolled. Now that's how you open up a pork market. Boom! Truss out."

An official statement from Downing Street said the Prime Minister has accepted Matt Hancock’s apology for breaching social distancing guidelines and "considers the matter just about sleazy enough."


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