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McDonald’s World Cup Sponsorship Special Menu

Blatter Special Meal
A special beef pattie is smothered (along with all dissenting voices) by glutenous aged swiss cheese.

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FIFA awards FBI investigation contract to the Mafia

In a surprise turn of events, the world’s football governing body has revealed that the Cosa Nostra has been chosen to host the 2016 corruption probe – by a unanimous ballot of ‘people with a Swiss bank account’. Despite what had been seen as a strong bid by the FBI, when the votes were counted, it transpired that everyone including the FBI had voted for the Mafia and signed their slip ‘love from – Sepp’.

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Oxford champions and Cambridge relegated in dramatic final day of Sky Boat Race

Oxford clinched the title and Cambridge were relegated In a nail-biting final day of the new Sky Boat Race Premier League.
As the new Sky Premier League of Boat Racing coxed off yesterday afternoon, hopes were high for Cambridge. With a mixture of youth and experience, many pundits said they would be ‘there or thereabouts’ come the end of the season. But at the end of an exhausting campaign, a very different picture emerged. Cambridge were at rock bottom, with a record nobody wants – the least number of points for any side since the Sky Boat Race Premier League began.

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Cricket world cup may never end, admits ICC

Over! But not yet.The Cricket World Cup is spiralling out of control and may never be stopped, the ICC has warned.

Chief Executive David Richardson told a press conference today that the tournament had taken on an unstoppable momentum with new countries joining every day. ‘We’ve tried to stick to the original schedule,’ said Richardson. ‘But the final should have been last week and now we’ve got 3 times as many teams as when we started.’

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Friends angered by boy’s decision to move Subbuteo World Cup to winter

Friends of 9-year old Toby Brown have reacted angrily to the news that the Subbuteo World Cup they had planned for this summer has been put back to December.

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