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Tory manifesto balance between destroying business, NHS and planet

Senior Conservative planners say the party's manifesto for the next election is a delicate balance between destroying business with Brexit, destroying the NHS and polluting the planet to death.

'It's a real dilemma that we have to solve,' explained Alexander Grayling-Farquar-Farquar. 'If we destroy the NHS it can be sold to big business, but that's the same big business we're hoping to destroy with Brexit. Coupled with that, we've the balance between destroying the planet and short term electoral gain. Actually, when you put it like that, there's only one option.'

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Jun 07

To balance competing financial priorities for a client, use firms such as an Accounting firm in the UK. Destroying the NHS to sell it to big business contradicts the aim of disrupting those same businesses with Brexit. Similarly, the tension between short-term political gains and long-term environmental sustainability adds another layer of difficulty. This situation underscores the intricate nature of political strategy, where every decision can have far-reaching and often conflicting consequences.

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